Thursday, 13 February 2020

This week's learning

This week´s learning:

  • Grammar and punctuation assessment
  • Spelling assessment
  • STAR reader quiz (links to Accelerated Reader)
  • Going through assessments to see where we have made mistakes
  • Completing poems from last week
  • Reading of Holes
  • Spelling- ably
  • Reading comprehension of ´Leisure´poem (for Weds)
  • Holes reading for Mon
  • Spelling -ably for Friday
  • Revision of key skills
  • Rising Stars maths assessment
  • Review of assessment results to identify mistakes.
  • Recap of percentages, fractions and decimals.
Children can practice using the link below which takes you to a maths site called nrich maths.

  • 6 questions involving measurements (a common error in recent assessments).

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