Wednesday, 16 January 2019

This week´s learning

This week´s learning (English and Maths):

  •         Grammar- relative clauses and relative pronouns (that, which, who, whose, whom)
  •         E.g.  Miss Krissy, who usually teaches Reception, came to tell a story to Year 6.
  •         ´The Alchemist´s Letter´- VIPERS questions and uplevelling sentences using more ambitious vocabulary and relative clauses.
  •        Reading comprehension (non-fiction) focus on highlighting key information.
  •         Accelerated Reader- continuing to embed routines and reading behaviours.
  •         Spelling – ought (fought), -aught (caught).  Revision of previous spellings on

  • HOMEWORK- ´First Aid´ Reading Comprehension
  • (Plus Art homework- Endangered Animals project)

·         Continuing work with comparing and ordering fractions (put these fractions in order from smallest to largest 11/20, 6/10, 1/2)
·         Recognising mixed numbers and improper fractions (19/8 =    23/6 =     what is 4/3 as a mixed number?)
·         I can calculate decimal fraction equivalents (What is the decimal equivalent of 4/10?  What is the decimal equivalent of 3/5?  What is 0.58 as a fraction?)

Homework - 2 word problems (Distance and Mystery Number) and Fraction and Decimal equivalence - Proving Tasks


This term our Art project centres around animals that are either endangered, vulnerable or extinct.  Our homework this week asks us to research the animals that we have been given.  We are aiming to create a large 3D head of our animal, but in preparation for this we are looking at the shapes and details within our animal faces.

Amazing Americas!

We have started a new Geography topic about North and South America.  Mr Dan is from Philadephia, USA and he gave a short presentation to us about its main geographical features.  Next week we will be looking at the different countries within North and South America.

Thanks Mr Dan!

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Weekly update 10th Jan

At the end of each week we will be putting up a summary of that week´s learning (in English and Maths).

This week we have been learning....
  • Writing-  recounts from holidays
  • Reading comprehension (poetry) focus on full sentence answers
  • Setting up and sorting new reading scheme (Accelerated Reader)
  • Spelling   - ough pattern
  • Grammar- none due to festivo
HOMEWORK- ´The Giantess´ Reading Comprehension


- Finding common factors of pairs of numbers
- Using common factors to simplify fractions
- Comparing and ordering fractions

Homework: Simplifying Fractions Code Breaker


We would all like to wish you a happy new year! In Year 6 we are entering the last 6 months of Primary School; this is a time to look forward and to strive to do our very best in order to make the most of our time and be ready for Secondary School.

During Parents´ Meetings it was raised that some children are not finding it easy to pace and keep on top of their homework.  Here is an example timetable that may be of use to you.  If you would like an editable Word document of this, please email

Thank you!