Friday, 7 February 2020

This week's learning

Photo for Art lesson of your street- if it needs to be printed then send to by Monday or bring a printed copy to Tuesday´s lesson.

This week´s learning:

  • Analysis of Pie Corbett poem ´The Cave of Curiosity´
  • Exploration and collection of vocab
  • Writing, editing and publishing of own poems in the style of Pie Corbett
  • Continuing ´Holes´
  • Using hyphens
  • Continue revising spellings as per last week
  • New spelling pattern- ible/ able  (for next Fri) and hyphens.
  • Read Comp- Problems with Hurricanes for Weds
  • Next week we will be assessing the children with a STAR reader test (not possible to revise- this relies on continuous practice and working hard in class) and a grammar, punctuation and spell test.  If they would like to practice hyphens, colons, semi-colons, relative clauses and  word types they can use the website
  • revision of common fraction/decimal equivalents (25%, 20%, 5%, 10%, 75% etc.)
  • Percentages of amounts.
  • Missing values in percentages/working backwards (eg. 20% of ? = 5,    15% of ? = 30)
  • Farming Fractions and Copy Cats.
  • General revision of work covered so far this year.

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