Thursday, 26 September 2019

This week's learning


This week we have:
  • Recapped parts of speech (word types) such as nouns, verbs, determiners, conjunctions etc.
  • Revisited adverbs and adverbial phrases and practised using them to improve a simple sentence.
  • Explored what makes a good summary and applied this to our work.
  • Watched a short film and practised using our comprehension VIPERS skills, particularly how to summarise.
  • Continued reading our class text LFTL
  • Spelling test of cial/ tial and introduces this week´s words (common exception words).
  • Practise spellings of common exception words- use the grid given in first week for ideas
  • Read to the * on page 60 of LFTL for Mon.
  • The Blitz reading comprehension for Weds.

We have now moved on from place value (ordering, comparing, rounding, negative numbers) and have begun with the four operations, starting with addition and subtraction of integers.  We have refreshed our formal written method skills and have been using our knowledge of addition and subtraction to explore more challenging problems such as finding mystery numbers. 
  • Eg.  I think of a number.  I add 200,000 then subtract half a million, then add quarter of a million.  Then I round to the nearest 10, which is 2 million and fifty.  What could be the number I was thinking of?


  • 3 levels of questions looking at addition and subtraction of integers.

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